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After many years as an executive in the corporate world--in addition to being an entrepreneur of two successful businesses--Joann sought to focus on what has always been her passion; working with people. Throughout her career, the common thread that brought her the most joy and fulfillment was working with others as a trainer, mentor, advisor, and coach. Her ability to connect with people was sought out by many looking for guidance and gave her the confidence to pursue a career in coaching.

Struggling with the stress that goes hand-in-hand with the time-consuming corporate life, sleepless nights, days forgetting to eat, and driving your body and mind to exhaustion is not normal and healthy – you are the one in charge of how you react to stress and whether you’ll allow it to consume you.

Joann was once trapped in the same vicious cycle years back.

There were four life-changing, devastating events that Joann experienced in her adult life, any one by itself, could have brought her to her knees or wanting to lay down and not get back up. Giving up, however, was never an option. It is the resilience and the mindset of how to dig in, get up and carry on, that Joann teaches her clients. There is a way forward, each and every time. Together Joann and her clients find that path and design the steps to move forward and find happiness. Joann has the ability to connect with those who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, defeated, because she has been in those shoes, more than once.

What is keeping you from what you want?

Doing too much and focusing on all the wrong things kept Joann from doing what she wanted, which brought her to coaching and her life’s mission. The connection that Joann has with people as a coach and the things she learns from people is a special and unique experience.

Joann is a Certified Executive, Organizational Development, and Life Coach who helps those who need a hand extended to them. “It is a beautiful and humbling experience to see the transformation that occurs after working together in our coaching sessions.”

What makes a good coach?

You need to want to help people and care about people and put everything else aside – from judgement and temptation to give your own advice, to the need to speak up when you should listen. Overall, you want to be able to help your client succeed.

No matter how successful you are, a coach will always be able to help you and assist you in life-changing decisions.

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